Zayn To Release New Album ‘Nobody Is Listening’

Zayn is set to release a new album this month! The song will be releasing his third-studio album, ‘Nobody Is Listening’ on January 15th. 

Backed by the new single “VIBEZ”, which is out on January 8th, the project will arrive a week later. It is the follow up to 2018‘s ‘Icarus Falls’, and 2016’s, ‘Mind of Mine’. Fans can preview the album by dialing the number +1(323) 991-ZAYN


  1. 'Calamity'
  2. 'Better'
  3. 'Outside'
  4. 'Vibez'
  5. 'When Love’s Around' (feat. Syd)
  6. 'Connexion'
  7. 'Sweat'
  8. 'Unf**kwitable'
  9. 'Windowsill' (feat. Devlin)
  10. 'Tightrope'
  11. 'River Road'


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