What exactly is a “outro”? Well, to put it short, it’s the exact opposite of an intro. In music it’s the grand finale, a way to perfectly summarize a track in all of its glory with an epic closing moment. 

The outro is the last section of the song structure. Sometimes it can follow the same formula, other times it can end abruptly with no warning. Such moments create a euphoric moment of bliss. It’s a sudden rush that allows a song to close out with an epic curtain call.

So, CTRL has curated a playlist of some of the best closing moments in songs. This concept playlist is dedicated to highlighting songs by various artists across various genres to curate a mix that specifically focuses on the closing moments.

Ironically, the playlist begins with The XX’s classic instrumental “Intro” – a larger than life production that helped to shape the last decade in music. Other highlights in the playlist include “Runaway” by Kanye West and the finale on the playlist, “Outro” by M83.

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