'Minor Modifications' Shia LaBeouf Movie About Kevin Abstract | The Soundtrack

Earlier this year, a script written by Shia LaBeouf leaked online and quickly captured widespread attention. Inspired by Kevin Abstract, the actor wrote a coming-of-age script based on the life and times of the musician. The plot follows the life of a young Kevin Abstract coming to terms with reality as he tries to figure out life and the challenges that he faces along the way. Such challenges include his sexuality and acknowledging it, as well as where in fact does he belong in the world.

The script, which was titled Minor Modifications, pays homage to the most important aspect of Abstract’s life – which is growing up. According to The Blacklist the synopsis of the script reads: “Based on the life of rapper Kevin Abstract, this biographical fiction follows a Texas teen as he struggles with identity, finding meaningful relationships, sexual fluidity, and his direction in life”. 

Following the release of the 2019 film Honey Boy, all eyes have been on Shia LaBeouf’s next move. Similar to the script written about Kevin Abstract, Honey Boy is based on the challenging upbringing of the misunderstood figure, which then became his most important role to date.

Recently, the script earned Shia an Emerging Screenwriter award from the Sun Valley Film Festival. While there is no official confirmation on when filming for the film begins, CTRL has decided to look ahead and focus on the soundtrack. 

As the film is based on the life of Kevin Abstract, this CTRL playlist imagines the soundtrack based on the synopsis of the script. Songs selected for this curated mix were based on research of specific themes from his solo work, as well as his work with his band Brockhampton.

Additionally, a section of songs included are songs referenced by Kevin in some point of time by some of his favorite artists, as well as songs that worked into plot. All these songs focus on the central theme of growing up, embracing your sexuality, failed and sacred relationships, and figuring out life. 

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