CTRL: New Tunes Now Playlist Mix — Christmas Edition

Overwhelmed with the abundance of new music releases every Friday? Tired of the generic, payola filled, weekly releases playlists? Need an actual curated mix of the best releases on the radar that are actually worth checking out? Well, look no further, welcome to CTRL NOW! 
CTRL's latest, and greatest, curated playlist of the best releases of the week!
The ultimate mix is constantly updated at the beginning of each week, specifically crafted and curated of a diverse range of artists, genres, and sounds, to provide listeners with the ultimate destination of new releases.
CTRL NEW TUNES NOW will continuously be updated with new releases, of on the verge artists, and no restrictions of genres. 
The playlist is available on Apple Music and Spotify and can be accessed below. What are you waiting for? Join over 60K listeners, and follow CTRL on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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