CTRL Sounds Of The Season Playlist




Beginning at the end of one year, and ending at the beginning of the next year, Winter is a transitional season that comes with various emotions.

Ending the year with the mixed joyous and overwhelming feeling of the holiday’s, the soundtrack of the season is typically dominant by those same old Christmas carols that you’re used to hearing every year, and the new attempts by typically under the radar artists.

At the point winter begins, and Christmas actually comes, listeners are overwhelmed and holiday hits are inescapable, as they’re on the radio, in the stores, at the top of the charts, everywhere you go, they follow you.

But, there’s a reason for that. Christmas music provides a rush of serotonin, a joyous spirit that ignites a sense of hope and relief that arrives at the end of one overwhelming year. But why not carry that feeling all year long? The CTRL Sounds of the Season Playlist does that for you!

This Wintery Mix is filled with holiday-sounding-but-not-holiday-songs that provide that joyous spirit. Also, the hopeful and comforting messages in such songs provide the warmth and coziness that you’d expect in the season of bitter cold, this playlist has all that and more.

The first set is inspired by electronica that begins with “Lights On” by Tyler, The Creator and ends with “The Ice Storm” by The Go! Team (which works as the interlude). It then transitions into the alternative-upbeat songs by the likes of Vampire Weekend and the set ends with “Sportscar” by Alex G.

The next set is groovy and inspired by the decades prior by songs from Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Julio Iglesias. “Film” by Aphex Twin takes listeners into the set of interlude like sounding songs that transitions into the hip-hop and jazzy-rap/neo-soul leaning hits.

This section ends with “Why I Love You” by The Throne, and transitions into a message of love with classic-sounding songs by Mariah Carey, OutKast, and the likes of Frank Sinatra, and Marvin Gaye. It then ends with a send-off, the uplifting message of hope that is “We Will Always Love You” by The Avalanches as “All Of The Lights” (Interlude) let’s the credits roll for whatever’s next in store for the new year.

This ultimate mix is curated specifically for a cohesive sound through all 50 songs. Stream the playlist above!


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