Enter The Interlude - Best Interludes of All Time Playlist

Interludes, you either love them or you hate them, but one thing’s for sure, you just can’t live without them. Any great album is somehow incomplete without that overshadowed, in-between moment that is the shining star for a great project.

Whether working as a transition in between themes or as a breather for feeling overwhelmed, interludes can play a crucial part for every great album. From The Weeknd to Justin Timberlake to Jay Z and Drake and every other major player in the game, interludes are inescapable and seem to be thriving now more than ever.

So, what exactly is considered an interlude on this playlist? It’s not quite necessary to have the word “interlude” in its title, but it’s a short but sweet album track that cuts at the climactic moment. Sometimes they’re spoken word, other times they’re instrumentals, most of the times they’re a glimpse to what to expect if it was in fact a full song.

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