The Internet's 'Ego Death' and A Playlist Inspired By The Album

Envisioning a funk, neo-soul album, that is appropriate for every millennial, Ego Deathis a retro throwback that dissociates itself from any label. Leading up to the release of their third studio album, The Internet have sought out the moment where they finally achieve the ability to become more than a “niche artist”.

Dissecting the term “ego death” is the concept of spiritually stripping back self-identity for greater use, intertwined with cleansing the soul psychedelically. The band executes just that, their greatest effort that allows each member to showcase their solo identity through a collaborative effort that expands artistic development creatively.

Ego Death kicks off to an electrifying start, with “Get Away”  a fast-paced track that metaphorically details new dimensions upon a light, bright hook. Utilizing guest features for their advantage, The Internet welcome the likes of Janelle Monaé on the sultry, “Gabby” that complements her voice with Syd on a head-bopping beat. On “Go With It”, Vic Mensa appears on an upbeat, straight to the point moment, with a hypnotically repetitive bridge. Suggesting psychedelic influences, the Kaytranada assisted, “Girl”  is an outcry to grove to, with signature synths that accompanies the bass by guitarist, Patrick Paige. 

Visually capturing new dimensions, Ego Deathbares itself to new territories that is soothing. Reassuring a warm comfort zone, tracks like, “Under Control”, “Somethings Missing”, and “Partners In Crime PT3”, are a cruise control into summery sunsets, that just makes you feel damn good. Reflecting on nostalgia, “Just Sayin/I Tried’, is Syd at her most unapologetic, yet bold enough to complement pleasant undertones, linked together with a transition everyone can appreciate it, courtesy of band mates, Christopher Smith and Steve Lacy

A dynamic atmosphere that has set the tone for future releases, solo and collaboratively, Ego Deathwas the seed that allowed the group to blossom. Production by Matt Martin and Steve Lacy create an illustrious collective body of work that is more refined than ever before. The live instrumentation sets the tone to unravel every level of promise that is presented by the band and is apparent for them to transcend into unimaginable heights. Ego Death was the blueprint for each member to spread their wings and test the waters with their full potential. Finding their sound that took years in the making, The Internet have wandered off into a new reality, that is significantly greater than anyone could have imagined.



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