Whole Lotta Carti: The Impact of Rap's Punk-Rock Superstar, Playboi Carti

Character development in the music industry is as vital as it is to actually have talent. Within his natural habitat, Playboi Carti oozes charisma through unpredictable techniques to literally make anything sound good. The latest sensation in hip-hop is the ‘Playboi Carti baby voice’ that can only be referred to as quite possibly, one of the most enjoyable flows today.

Breaking the rules with what is considered the standard, Carti utilizes higher-pitched tones to redefine what rap should sound like. With his presence in the music industry getting stronger and stronger, with collaborations with the likes of Lana Del Rey, Solange, and Tyler The Creator, Playboi Carti is rap’s punk rock phenomenon

Dating back to the early stages in his career, the baby voice has become a prominent essential in any standout Playboi Carti song. The sensation isn’t something that hasn’t done before, but a technique that helps differentiate Carti from his peers.

Even though the flow is rather premature, as it hasn’t been dominant in most of his catalog, it’s appearances in breakthrough features last year, “Almeda” and “Earfquake”, showcases just how impactful it is becoming. Such features propelled him to a larger crowd in which he continues to build success off of a community who does the work for him. A natural born superstar, aimed for new heights with every era, the mystique of his identity, continues to unravel and gets clearer in time.  

When much of hip-hop sounds just the same, Playboi Carti is the prime example of the importance of standing out from the crowd. Leading the new wave of rappers, Carti is rewriting the perception of mumble rap, as it’s much more than just a misunderstood form of rap music, but rather the most interesting era of the genre, as it has given birth to exciting new characters that are continuing to influence the industry. Playboi Carti and the baby voice is a breath of fresh air, an original signature to an evolving career. 


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